Knowledge Centre

IFC Forum's Knowledge Centre will be populated with publications from both IFC Forum and other parties that help contribute to the understanding of International Financial Centres. 

International Financial Centres and Developing Countries: Providing institutions for growth and poverty alleviation

July 2010

This report was written by Jason Sharman for the Commonwealth Secretariat and tests whether and how International Financial Centres provide support for economic growth and poverty alleviation among developing countries.  IFCs contribute to international development and poverty alleviation by helping domestic and foreign investors in developing countries access the kind of efficient institutions necessary to drive growth, but which are often unavailable locally.


How and Why Foreign Direct Investment into Small International Financial Centres Promotes Exports

November 2011

This report was written by Europe Economics for IFC Forum and considers the evidence concerning the impact that capital invested abroad, particularly from major EU countries into small International Financial Centres has on exports.  Financial flows into IFCs increase exports by more than either financial flows into other countries or the capital remaining in its home country: helping to support onshore economies and create jobs.


Jersey's Value to Britain

October 2016

This report was written by Capital Economics for Jersey Finance about the symbiotic relationship between Jersey and the United Kingdom, and the huge advantages that Jersey offers the UK.  By analysing capital flows, trade patterns, and investments both into and from Jersey, Capital Economics found that Jersey supports almost 250,000 net jobs in the UK, contributing £14bn to UK GDP: 50% more than are employed in car and automotive manufacturing.


Jersey's Value to Europe

October 2016

This report was written by Capital Economics for Jersey Finance about the contribution that Jersey makes to the economy of continental Europe.  Conducted with the same rigorous and impartial approach as its companion report, Jersey's Value to Britain (above), Capital Economics found that Jersey supports 88,000 jobs in the EU excluding the United Kingdom, and adds almost €1bn net extra tax revenues.


Creating Value: the BVI's global contribution

June 2017

This report was written by Capital Economics for BVI Finance, evaluating the impact of BVI and its investment vehicles on the global economy.  The report finds that investments from BVI support 2.2 million jobs around the world, with two-fifths in China and one-fifth in Europe.  Capital Economics further finds that despite BVI being tax-neutral, it is not a centre for banking secrecy or profit-shifting, and explains the role that its financial centre plays in cross-border financial services.